Grey Dynamics Intelligence School 

Advance Your Intelligence Career Today!

Your Roadmap to Success: Top Instructors, Practical Skills, and Real-World Application
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Expert Instruction

Learn from seasoned intelligence professionals with extensive real-world experience, ensuring that the knowledge you gain is both practical and relevant to current industry demands.
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Flexible Learning

Study at your own pace with our online platform, which allows you to access course materials, resources, and expert guidance anytime, anywhere.
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Career Advancement

Boost your intelligence career by acquiring in-demand skills and credentials that can help you stand out to potential employers or secure a promotion within your current organization.
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Networking Opportunities

Connect with fellow students and professionals from diverse backgrounds, fostering valuable relationships and expanding your professional network.
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Extensive Curriculum

Our wide-ranging courses cover essential topics in intelligence, from foundational concepts and methodologies to advanced analytical techniques and specialized subjects, catering to students at all levels.



Frequently asked questions

FAQ 1: Is this course accredited?

Yes! Our courses are all accredited by the University of Salford in the United Kingdom. However, we do not offer university credit at this time.

FAQ 2:  Do I need prior knowledge or training in intelligence?

Simple answer is: No! You do not need training or schooling in intelligence before starting our courses

FAQ 3: Will all the courses be available in a bundle? 

Yes! All courses will be available in a single Intelligence Cycle Fundamentals Bundle! Further. you will also get a discount if you buy the bundle!

FAQ 4: Who are these courses for?

These courses are for anybody that wants to engage with intelligence in their career right now or in the future. These could be researchers, journalists, analysts, policymakers, security professionals and much more.

FAQ 5: How much do the courses cost?

The prices per course will be around $200 for the Fundamental courses and for the bundle with all 6 course will be around $1000 (the prices may change slightly due to taxes)

We are Launching Soon!

We are the first fully online intelligence school helping professionals to achieve their long term goals. Our school with tons of new material is currently under construction and will be out there very soon. Meanwhile, you can leave your email and be the first to know when we launch, plus get exclusive tips and offers.
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